Second Cup Rebrand


Second Cup Rebrand


Here at Second Cup, our goal is to be the Canadian specialty coffee brand of choice. For us, this means putting coffee at the core of business, focusing on quality, innovation and creating an individual experience for our customers. We are committed to creating authentic, hand-crafted products so that everything we serve and everything about the time spent with us is as great as it can possibly be.



Second Cup has long attracted the older audience, and after their rebrand to Second Cup Coffee Co., the company hoped to see more popularity with the younger audience and to generally have a more lively and modern feel. And while the brand has been modernized, it lacks character that the Second Cup franchise strives to have.

The aim of this project is to rebrand Second Cup to appeal to a younger audience by being fresh, innovative, and full of character.




Second Cup’s current logo features a minimal and clean design, but isn’t executed strongly. The sans-serif typeface in the logo is too typical and mechanical, without any personal quality to it. The alternative circular logo is also too simple, with a simple coffee cup in the middle. The aim is to bring to light the artisanal values they hold, and to add character with a bolder design. Adding a stronger typeface and a better refined image for the logo will elevate the brand.


  • A logo that conveys what Second Cup Coffee Co. is all about: quality coffee and a memorable experience.

  • Incorporating intelligent, yet bold and fresh design that has a sense of innovation to it, attracting a younger audience.